Ave Imperator!

Iocanthos Bound

First Session

Nestled in the Golgenna Reach sub-sector, Iocanthos is a world that remains in the ledgers and tithe charters of the Adeptus Administratium for only one reason, Ghostfire Pollen. The Ghostfire Pollen, when refined, is a potent material used in the creation of psychic tools ranging from Psi-hoods to Force Weapons to Psi-wards. If not for this vital tithe Iocanthos would remain solely a feudal world used as little more than a penal colony. The local population, the Ashleen, are a nomadic people whom without the Imperial presence on the planet have evolved to a pre-Bronze age level. Many centuries ago, during the height of the Angevian Crusade, General (and later Saint) Drusis claimed the planet in the name of the Imperium. The battle against the limited technology of the native population was a brutal but short-lived affair. However during the compliance of Iocanthos the taint of Chaos was found and Drusis banished a greater daemon in a storied battle. The sight of that battle became known as Stern Hope and for many generations it has become a holy site of power, corrupted and feared by the Ashleen but seen as a site of remembrance by the Ministorium. After dozens of failed attempts by previous missionaries and priests the abbott, Prelate Orland Skae, has successfully converted many of the local tribes and warlords (or at least placated them). He has risen a formidable abbey at Stern Hope. However this has not been without trouble. This is where you come in.

Aboard the bulk freighter, Brazen Sky, you the acolytes of Inquisitor Tyrius Gravestar have travelled. Gathered from across the sector you used coded ciphers to discover each other amongst the passengers. Once assembled you activated your briefing. You were to proceed to Iocantho’s sole star port, Port Suffering, and there meet one of Gravestar’s trusted acolytes, Aristarchus the Seer.
Once arriving on planet you familiarized yourself with the Port and while delving into the local population you discovered the presence of gangs and superstition referring to some form of Crow God. After a brief battle with a local gangers you returned to the Imperial barracks, the Refectory, to meet and receive your detailed briefing from Aristarchus.



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