Aristarchus Helburn

Inquisitorial Psyker


An acolyte of Inquisitor Tyrius Gravestar, Aristarchus has spent the past few months on Iocanthos investigating issues with the Ghostfire Pollen. Improper refinement and trade guild corruption coupled with the rumoured use of Xenos production techniques in the Ghostfire fields has drawn the attention of the Inquisition. A devout Amalathian, Aristarchus abhors the thought of Xenos influence so close to the critical Ghostfire tithe. He is a a lean gaunt man who wears old but well maintained robes. His eyes are pure white with no visible pupils, the mutation from his psyker gifts. Prone to flares of temper it seems his time on Iocanthos is beginning to fray his nerves. Could his sanity be next?


Aristarchus Helburn

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