Ave Imperator!

New Blood, the Enemy rears it's head

Second Session

Your retinue has grown in number to include; Stig (psyker), Guntar (psyker), Magus (tech-priest), Mallic (Arbitrator), Jesus (Arbitrator), Zana (Assassin), and Garz (Guardsmen). A few days after recovering from wounds sustained against the gangers, your party awaited the arrival of Aristarchus in the Refectory courtyard that you may begin your journey to Stern Hope. During the short reprieve you were introduced to a pair of acolytes, Zana and Jesus, who had been on planet to investigate issues with Ghostfire pollen tithe. Stig and Magus were assigned to take over the investigation while Zana and Jesus joined the rest of the party to deal with an immediate crisis. The transport which was to take you to Stern Hope was sabotaged by, as was learned by interrogation of those involved, a cult known as the Crow Father Coven. Rearmed with and issued an execution order by Aristarchus the party, consisting of Jesus, Zana, Guntar, Mallic and Garz, set out for the ruins of a sewage treatment plant nestled amongst the ruins of the old Port Suffering township.
After a protracted and bloody (grenade fueled!) siege of the cult hideout the group gathered intelligence pointing to a severe and widespread influence of the Arch-Enemy. After defeating the insurgents responsible for the sabotage at Port Suffering, and destroying a minor daemon in the process, the party returned to Port Suffering to debrief Aristarchus and prepare to travel to Stern Hope. What awaits them at the abbey is unknown but the Arch-Enemy walks Iocanthos and only madness and bloodshed follow in it’s wake!



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